Hipopotesis is a Social Research Agency that helps organizations understand consumer behaviour in depth.

Fall in love with user´s problems and build solutions for, from and with them.

What we do

1. We understand what your consumers do
-Research observation
-Ethnographic interviews
-Focus groups
-Customer Journey
-Social Blue Print
2. We understand what your consumers feel
-Brand awareness
-User Experience Analysis
-A day in the life of your user
-Problem interview
-Experiences and emotions mapping
3. We understand how your team works
-Point of sale study
-Organizational culture analysis
-Change management
-A day in the life of your team
-Hierarchies, taboos and meanings.
4. We understand environments
-Qualitative Market Research
-Market segmentation
-Socio-Cultural adaptation
-Business Model Context Analysis
-Ethnographic research
-Trend Mapping
-Open Innovation
-English, Spanish and Arabic world
5. We Co-design the solutions
-Solution Interviews
-Usability test
-Social A/B test
-Product Testing
-Minimal Viable Product
-Prototype Validation
-Product optimization
-Service design
6. We measure impact
-Meter implementation
-Impact tracing
-Model revision
-Continuous monitoring
-Early future adaptation
-Different impact stages
-New experiment design
-Real impact report

How we do it

business anthropologists

Social Anthropology

Through agile ethnography we produce rigorous qualitative research, obtaining a deep understanding of humans and a detailed analysis of their emotions, symbols, significances and dissonances.

user research lean startup

Agile Framework

Focusing on continuous improvement of products and services we transfer an agile mind-set and the elimination of waste and disruptive innovation processes not only to our research but also to the co-development of the solutions.

Human centered design

Human Design

We apply creative strategies focused on innovation when we co-design the solutions your organization and your consumers need. Human-focused, we transfer our research results to the development of products and services.

We train your team

We offer workshops, talks and courses to train business and entrepreneur talent

  • Research Methodology
  • Agile Methodology
  • Human Centered Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Business Anthropology
  • Socio-Cultural adaptation
  • Customer Development
  • Hypothesis Validation