Hipopotesis helps important organizations from diverse sectors find answers to some of their most complex queries through qualitative research. We design and execute research that answers qualitative questions to understand what is behind consumer behavior. With the knowledge we produce through primary sources your organization can make better decisions and focus on better strategies.

Ethnography – anthropology’s research method- allows us to understand in depth user’s precise problems and produce insights to co-design the best solutions. In this era of Big Data and algorithms, microscopic information is more important than ever.

Hipopotesis is a social research agency that focuses on information of quality, dense and rich in nuances, that can understand the past, respond to the present and design the future. We answer qualitative questions with speed and efficiency, and we take on challenges about consumer behaviour, user’s expectations, perceptions or wishes. With our results we will help you design solutions that understand, respect and charm your consumers.



Head of Research

abed al rahman al maayteh lopez antropologo social empresa


Co-founder & Director

Qualitative social researchers hipopotesis

Social Researchers

They are the heart of our work, observing and understanding in great detail consumer behaviour

Data Analysts

They are our meaning producers. They collect our learnings to map out actions and valuable insights.


Design thinking service design


Key to move us from ethereal to tangible. They shape the solutions that adapt consumers.

A Hippo?

Hippopotamuses are often misunderstood, and some big companies are too. They seem calm, yet in their 50-year-old life they are truly unstoppable. They are extraordinary animals, only outweighed by elephants on land and whales on the ocean.

Their communication skills are as sophisticated as dolphins, their closest relatives being whales.  They know what they want and aren’t afraid to go get it, always keeping their territory safe. They are hybrids and are very comfortable both in land and water.

A hippo company is one that weights over 3.500 Kg. and runs faster than any human. Where there’s a Hippo Company there are fish, for they contribute to the environment greatly, helping dozens of species live better.

  1. Hippo Companies are fierce.
  2. Hippo Companies crush their competition.
  3. Get rid of your natural competitors.
  4. Become a Hippo Company.

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We design and complete research that answer to problems that can’t be fixed through numbers.

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