Participate in our studies

We are known for qualitative market research.

We spend time with studies participants, many times on-site, to understand their consumer habits, problems they face, their real needs and their contexts.

When you participate in a study you can expect to:

  • Be interviewed
  • Be observed while you use a product or a service.
  • See us tag along while you shop or do a task.
  • Write a diary of certain activities, adding photos or video.
  • Be asked to participate in an experiment to test the validity of a product or a service. 
Paid Studies
90% of our studies are rewarded with some kind of incentive. Some incentives are financial, others are prices, discounts or first access.
Data Protection
We comply with the applicable data protection legislation. We guarantee you access to your data and the power to erase or modify it anytime.

Our studies vary on time, object and offered incentive.

We promise they will always be fun and you will enjoy the experience.

To participate, you have two options:

1. Basic Data

We will collect basic demographic information to know your gender, where you live, your job, age, etc.

This information provides minimum data about who you are and what you enjoy, so we will not be able to offer you specific studies that match your profile.

2. Detailed Data

We will collect detailed information on your profile and your likings, to offer you studies that will be relevant for you. Furthermore, you will be among the first participants we contact because we already know if you fit the study profile. For example, if you enjoy cooking we can imagine you will be interested in participating in food-industry study.

Send your request our way indicating in which group you would like to participate